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Turn it down! You’re going to break the windows!


Band Members


Programmer by day, Riff wizard by night. Mike joined Harlequin’s Kiss in 2015 during his final year of university and has contributed to many of the bands songs with his heavy guitar zones since. Universally agreed on as the coolest member of the band he is also the only one who knows how to edit the content on this site.


Co-founder and lead singer Rob McDermott is the centre point of the band, his enormous stage presence presence matched by a voice that is as comfortable with a snarl as it is with smooth, powerful notes. Besides writing lyrics for the band, he is ablogger, an occasional pro-wrestling
journalist, and a short fiction author.


Mac has spent many years in and around the music scene, mainly in the background working with bands on videos and promotional materials. Finally convinced to take to the stage he joined Harlequin’s Kiss and brought with him a heavy dose of those classic rock sounds he loves with hard riffs and chugging rhythms, although he has also been known to wander off into funk territory.


With a bass voice and an electric double bass on stage, Edmund Kirby underpins the band’s foundations in more ways than one. He has been with the band since its very beginnings, and also acts as their booking contact. As if he hasn’t suffered enough, he is also the keeper of the band
mascot, Edward


A scruffy bear who has found a new lease of life as the band’s mascot (mostly because Rob was fool enough to write a song about him), Edward has chosen an existence as a drunken hedonist when he’s not supporting the band on stage. Lock up your dollies when he’s around…

(Our legal team feels compelled to point out that everything that has happened in toy cupboards across the Midlands has been entirely consensual.)


Matt Whalen discovered a love of drums when he began his musical life in the percussion section of a marching band. He started playing the kit in 2008 and hasn’t stopped playing since. Returning to the Midlands after studying music at university in Bristol, he now underscores the band’s rhythm section with a heavy back beat.


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